Started as an unofficial on-board reporter during monohull events, being part of the team, I was taking photos while racing. These photos were noticed and before I knew I was doing covering many catamaran events worldwide. I specialized myself in photography with boats doing 30+ miles and meanwhile in a bumpy speedboat chasing them.

Because of my own sailing experience I know the behavior of the boat, skipper and weather circumstances. This results in being in the right spot all the time, no surprises that I'll miss 'that unique shot'. Because of the trust I earned on the water and training the RIB drivers, I'm allowed to be in the race course by the Race Committee to cover their event. All these ingredients together makes not only gives much satisfaction,... it also gives the event the professional online/offline status it deserves.

Because of my professional knowledge of Marketing, Communication and PR, you can brief me upon the event with the photos you need to have for media exposure. I also can help you with the general story what happened on the water during the day so a Press Release can be written already. The only thing YOU need to do is getting your quotes from the teams. Meanwhile I'll have the top 10 photos ready for you so your press release can be send out straightaway.

Curious about some of the moments I remember till today, please have a look at my Volvo Ocean Race portfolio or one of the many other albums via the top menu on my website.

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